Who Are the Common Predators of Purple Martin?

When we talk about purple martinis, there is a well-known fact associated with them. The fact is that these little birds do not share their Martin nests with other birds. The general reason behind this habit is the fear of being killed and being killed like birds like stars and birds.

However, they are not the only endangered species. Other species can harm Martin. Prevents them from re-nesting in their birdhouse. Here are some purple martin hunters you should be aware of:


As the name suggests the wooden lines are fond of wood. You can expand the wooden birdhouse by inserting it in pre-drilled holes. These birds are not a major threat to Martin. However, keeping them in your garden would mean the destruction of Martin’s house.

To avoid disaster, it is recommended that a 1/16″ thick piece of aluminum be sandwiched between two pieces of wood. That will not allow the wooden door holes to succeed in the mission of widening.

Snake or squirrel

Animals such as snakes and squirrels are classified as predators for purple martin. In addition to species, rakes love birds and their eggs. Squirrels are quick to catch eggs and an attack by one of these animals can destroy a colony. Furthermore, because the raccoons are strong, they have the ability to tear down the aluminum used in Martin House for their prey.

The snake is also extremely dangerous for the purple martin. They not only climb the poles of the Bird House. Rather, but they also live there until every member of the colony is eaten. If given the chance, the snake could easily clean up your Martin home before you realize it.

Owls and crows

Potatoes, coyotes, blueberries, hawks, and coopers all fall into the same category. Commonly called flying hunters. Adults are interested in both birds and eggs. These cunning birds will destroy your Martin home very quickly. Usually, adult birds escape and never return. Since these flying hunters are a common sight to take purple Martin. So adult birds know how to get rid of them.

It is advised that the Martin house should be kept away from trees properly. There should be good air space around it.

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